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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Waukee, IA

Photos provided are from our patients who have kindly given us permission to use their before and after results.



Composite restorations done in office no lab time.

Microabrasion is the removal of brown or white stains on the teeth, that can not be treated with over the counter bleaching kits. This is an in office procedure that can provide immediate results.

Replacing missing teeth with a bridge and lightening the color of the adjacent teeth.

Changing the appearance of a single tooth with an all ceramic crown

This patient had worn and chipped teeth from her teeth being crooked. Once those teeth were moved out of the way with braces we were able to improve their appearance with composites. This was an in office procedure, providing immediate results. Now she can begin to see what a beautiful result she will have once the braces come off.

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